Want more coming in? Send out more!


I heard a great concept the other day...

"If you want more coming in... you've got to increase what's going out."

One author I've read calls it sending out "ships".

Remember that saying... "my ship has come in?"

That's what merchants/investors of olde would say when the empty ship they sent out came back filled with treasure.

In the case of money, if you want more coming in and you have a job, you'd have to put out more resumes.

If you're a window washer you've got to put out more flyers.

If you're a Mary Kay lady you've got to put out more samples.

You've seen those people in grocery stores handing out samples of meats or cheeses or whatever?

That's because the manufacturers know the more samples they put out, the more sales they'll make.

So, the question for you is...if you want more money coming in, what can you put out?

What skills do you have?

What services can you offer?

How do you get the word out about that inexpensively?

Craigslist is an option in the US.

If you want to sell your stuff around the house, Facebook has local groups for just that purpose.

Search FB for "your town garage sale or yard sale"

If you make crafts by hand Amazon will now sell your stuff for you.

Things  happen because of CONSISTENT action.

Start sending out your "ships" today!

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