“Isolation is the dream-killer…not your bad attitude!”

I recently discovered a nice video from Barbara Sher doing a Tedx Talk in Prague...

According to Barbara Sher we have to change our common understanding of why we so often fail to bring our dreams into reality – blaming bad attitude, negative thinking or lack of effort. Heartfelt, funny and surprising stories told by a lady who's been helping other people's dreams for many decades.

Her thesis is that we fail so often because we are ISOLATED.

"We never know who we are talking to...we are all the centers of enormous amounts of information and connections that we don't need or think about unless someone asks us."

I began to realize that I had found the absolute, guaranteed secret to success and boy did it have nothing to do with positive thinking...here's the punchline...isolation is the dream killer, not your rotten attitude, you can hate yourself, you always do it... you know it, you wake up in the morning and go "i'm fat"...you know you do that..."

In the video she explains how to start a team to get you out of your isolation and into a group that supports you and she suggests NOT using friends and family who may have preconceived notions about you.... "strangers are great!"

Anyway, if that resonates with you, I encourage you to watch the video...

I'll give an example I've used before...

Years ago I got an email from a person who used to make some extra money selling on ebay until her camera broke which put her out of  business.

She was toiling in ISOLATION because all she needed was one person to say...

"You can borrow mine"


"You can buy a disposable camera at the pharmacy and return it to get the pics developed"


"My son always gets the latest camera and would be glad to give you one of his older ones."

I can practically GUARANTEE if you posted on FB or sent an email to your address book explaining you needed a camera to continue your eBay biz, you'd drown in offers.

I love Barbara's message.

Tell your "success team" your goal and your obstacles and watch what happens.

Just because a goal looks big to you, doesn't mean it looks big to everyone.

Barbara's PDF is called..."How To Get What You Really Want...(even if you have no goals...no character and you're often in a lousy mood.)"

Click here to get the PDF and put together your own Success Team!

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