Find Your Own Free Books For Kindle

Last July I explained how you could find the books that Amazon was offering FREE for Kindle readers each day. The problem with Amazon’s list is that it only lists the top 100 in each category.  Today I’ll explain how to find free books that interest you. Start at and choose the Kindle Department. […]

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“My opinion is the source of all my suffering”

“My opinion is the source of all my suffering” That was the last line of a video I was listening to by a guy named Matthew Ferry, a sales trainer and “happiness expert”. I actually backed up the video so I could write it down and think about it. “My opinion is the source of all my […]

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You make the call!

You’ve probably heard the advice that you should call your service providers and ask for a better deal. I did just that in the last few days and I want you to see and hear how it went.  It doesn’t have to be scary. I used the occasion of a Time Warner ad in my […]

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Credit Karma?

      In a recent “How To Own Your Paycheck Again!” workshop one of the students mentioned she was very happy with her results using I’d heard of them but hadn’t looked too closely because I figured it was one of those ploys to get your credit card number. Turns out I was […]

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Websites To Help You Save Money

Here are some websites I discovered this week… encourages community sharing. Create an online group with Facebook friends who live nearby, neighbors and fellow parents. When you need, say, a ladder, you can quickly see if any of your contacts is able to lend. *** You can also RENT whatever you have and make […]

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The “Jar System” of Money Management

Back in 2005, a couple friends and I took a trip up to Montreal to attend a seminar sponsored by Peak Potentials Training, a company owned by T.Harv Eker, the author of the best selling book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. I’ve updated the article I wrote back then and included it below. Here are […]

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Patience Can Be A Profitable Virtue

I was poking around the free section of Craigslist yesterday as I like to do. Someone was giving away an air conditioner. It’s the middle of winter around here and there is little need for one of these for several months.   It reminded me of the story I’d heard years ago of a guy […]

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Amazon is buying…

When you think of you probably think of buying stuff. Well, I recently learned more about Amazon’s TRADE-IN program. I had been peripherally aware of it because any time I would look at something on Amazon which I already owned, I would see something like this… They are telling me I could get a […]

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Visualize your debts and bills…

I found the picture below digging around my archives. It’s a visual representation of how long you have to work to pay each of your bills per month. To make your own you’d figure out your monthly take-home pay and divide by the number of days a month you work. It’s usually around 20. So […]

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Best of 2012…

It’s become a fun tradition here at Leo Inc. to ask my readers the best thing they did in the previous year. This year I switched it up a bit and asked them to tell me their “best” in any category from 2012. Here are some of the responses… The best thing I´ve done this […]

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