Finding Local Financial Help…

I'm frequently asked how to find someone local to help with pleasant financial matters...investing money...what to do with large, lump sums etc.

I finally wised up and decided to write a blog post about it where I can refer future questioners.

Suggestion #1 is:
Ask trusted friends in a similar situation for recommendations of financial professionals.


I understand that you may not have friends in a similar situation or feel uncomfortable letting your friends know of your situation. In that case, I offer Suggestion #2...


Look for free or low cost CLASSES taught by financial professionals. Take those classes to learn AND to get a sense for what it would be like to work with them.


Here's an example from one of the programs I regularly teach in...
And finally, if neither of those are an option, turn to your favorite search engine...


Search for "Financial Planner (YOUR CITY)"


Review websites.


Look for videos from the financial professionals.


Look for reviews from other clients.


Most will offer a free consultation.


Check websites of your local media outlets.


Many will have a finance professional who makes regular contributions to the broadcasts.

Consider them.


If you found a local financial professional using one of these or another method, please share your experience in the comments.


Thank you!


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