How would you make an extra $100?

I woke up this morning to an interesting email...

An online blogger asked his readers to tell him how they would go about earning an extra $100 in 30 days...he used the example of missing your rent payment if you didn't make it.

The responses ranged from wacky to brilliant!

Among my favorites was the simple... ask your Facebook  friends what they would pay someone $10 to $100 to do for them this week.

Not one to waste a good idea, I now put that question to my readers...

"How would you make an extra $100 in 30 days if you absolutely needed it?"

Leave your idea in the comments below.






  • Judy says:

    $100 in 3 0 days Ideas
    1. Sell something (extra clothes, tools, CDs, appliances) on Craigslist or Ebay or even Amazon (yes, they take used items as well)
    2. Chauffeur someone who doesn’t drive (older person maybe) to their appointments, etc.
    3. Dog Walk — I got $125 for walking 2 dogs
    4. Baby Sit
    And that’s just off the top of my head.

  • Sharon says:

    I would write content for a website.

  • Wendy C says:

    Most of us have a few things laying around that we no longer need, so put those out for sale on Craigslist.
    Or do a grocery challenge with your family and cut your consumption.
    Or do an energy challenge with your family and cut your consumption of electricity, water etc.
    Reduce your garbage bin size, and focus on recycling or composting
    Use your creative talent to create something and sell it on ebay or craigslist
    Refurbish or reinvent a used item to sell

  • Pam says:

    If I needed to make an extra $100 in 30 days I would go through my closets and home and post items that we no longer use or need for sale on Kijiji. I would also take in our bottles for deposit. If I was still short in coming up with the $100 I would do my best to find a part-time job; it’s fall so I should be able to secure some temporary work doing some house cleaning, window washing or yard cleanup.

  • Randy G. says:

    Sell junk (usable) around the house. Every house I’ve ever been in has tons of salable stuff. eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, even Pintrest posts. Have an extra kid or two laying around? Sell them too! They’ll bring upwards of $1000 or more each! (Just kidding folks, no hate mail!)
    Cut grass for elderly, take them to doctor’s appointments, weed their garden, clean out their garage. Most seniors have money, and are willing to pay you to do little odd jobs for them. Raising $100 in a single day should be a breeze…..just use your noodle!!!

  • J.Hurst says:

    I would pawn my gold jewelry if I needed case super fast. Alternate idea would be a yard sale.

  • Leo says:

    Sell kids! HA!

  • Alison says:

    Secret Shopper to start. If not a lot of spare time, I’d sell meaningless jewelry and other items to a pawn shop. Might possibly ask to assist someone with side work.

  • Mark says:

    $100 bucks in under 30 days:

    1) I partner with a payroll service provider, for each client (business) I sign up to have them do their payroll I get an immediate $100 bonus. This is in addition to the average $45 per month I get from each client per month after that. After sign up, I do not do any further work.
    2) Sell firewood, $200 a cord in my area so I would be covered for 2 months! I have access to plenty of wood and cut and split it for my family anyway.
    3) Paint house numbers on curbs, emergency vehicles can find the house faster and for $10 the average homeowner will say “sure”. Have done this and can get 20+ done in a day.
    4) Work a couple hours of overtime.
    5) Think of what you do not like to do and then do it for others, you can probably make $100 in under a day easily.

  • Bill says:

    Well my very 1st thought was to go through my stuff and sell many unused items. With the weather still good have a quick yard sale or list on Craigslist. Take some things to a pawn shop. If your still desperate ask family or friends for a quick loan. I am a senior so not able to do much physical work but have accumulated lots of stuff over the years. A 30 day window gives anyone plenty of time to come up with a $100.

  • AnnMarie says:

    I bake Italian Ricotta Cheesecakes and I’ve sold them before for Thanksgiving and Xmas – they were a huge hit. I started experimenting and offering them in different flavors (almond, Irish Creme, strawberry, Chocolate Hazelnut). One Xmas, I had 46 orders! It was a lot of work but it was worth it at $18 a cheesecake! I got a lot of orders through work, so I only had to drop off at a few places and others came and picked them up from my house. Going to offer them again this Xmas.

  • Susan P says:

    If I needed $100 relatively fast, I would list stuff to sell on one of those phone apps. I am using OfferUp right now, which makes it very easy to use my phone to list and sell items. I just started using it last week and actually did sell over $100 worth of goods within 3 days!

    My best deal was for the couch that I no longer needed. I had 22 offers and actually made more than it was posted for because it was so popular. Usually you sell for list price or lower, but once in a while you get lucky.

    There are other apps like Carousell that are similar but I haven’t tried them yet. It’s nice that you can pretty much list anything that you have with a few clicks and if you have someone interested, can set up the meeting, all from your phone.

  • Andy says:

    Sell unused items laying around my house/basement/garage.
    I’d offer to provide services to people – i.e.
    – bring garbage pails from curb to house/yard
    – run errands for others
    – wait in a long line and sell my spot as I approach the cashier
    – offer to cart a large item (in my truck) for someone who has a small car (where it won’t fit)
    – offer to walk dogs/clean up yards
    – rake leaves/shovel snow
    – offer to others’ chores/jobs/tasks for a fee
    learn magic tricks (or other skills) and put on a small show

  • Sheri Thompson, aka Traveling Stamps says:

    We’re doing this challenge right now. [Saving for a big ticket item.]
    1) Make as many returns of unopened, truly unnecessary items to big box stores and watching what to purchase to begin with.
    2) Adding more items to my Etsy store…travelingstamps
    3) Selling usable house items on-line. Best place for me is FB groups.
    4) Selling toys and items kids have outgrown on FB and Craigslist.
    5) Switched electrical energy providers to 100% wind energy. Reduced rate and bonus…feel good about it too!
    6) Making meals and groceries stretch with menu planning, rotating inexpensive meals more often, and eating red meat only once a week.

  • Bunny Chidester says:

    I would teach an herbal healing class! I know how to make medicines and salves out of plants that grow everywhere, and in years past I have taught classes for $45 a person for a few hours on a Saturday. It’s been years since I dusted this off as I have been on another path. One time I needed a brake job for my car, and had no money so I offered an herb class and got 10 people at $45 each, and they were happy to learn a new skill, and I got my brakes fixed! Win/win 🙂

  • Rickey N. says:

    I would sell ,paint , cut grass,drive someone somewhere.

  • Clark says:

    I would do that on a weekend assisting either a DJ or caterer. The DJ needs someone to watch over the equipment when they can’t (loading and unloading are particularly tricky) as well as bringing the crew food/water/play requests. I have also been asked to carry a microphone through the audience, bring out a few more chairs, or collect tickets at the door. The caterer pays me to set up table settings and decorations, cut cake and serve water and coffee. I ask that they pay me out of their tip money but let them know I expect a minimum of $30 so there is no ambiguity right up front. I usually get $65-$100.

  • Bonnie Raymond says:

    A visit to the local Pawn shop is the faster way to get money. I would sell, jewelry, coins, stamps, usable electronic equipment, videos and whatever else I didn’t need. “The Monetized Life!” might be a better long term plan but that route would take more time and one would ultimately need $117 instead of the original $100 needed.

  • Mary says:

    As a writer, I would check out the writing opportunities on Internet writers-for-hire websites. Also, I could set up a course on Udemy, to get subscriber fees for that instruction, and I might set up a membership site on the Internet in an in-demand topic.

  • Clayton says:

    Do you have a driver’s license and a good driving record? Consider offering your time to one or more professional limousine services. I used to be a limo driver for a couple different limo service companies and know they are often looking for competent, dependable drivers (competent, dependable drivers are surprisingly hard to find and keep!). The jobs include pre-scheduled and on-call opportunities. Pay is hourly and varies by company, but tips can be quite good (depending on the passenger). Generally, a limo can be driven with your standard license, as long as it isn’t beyond a certain length or passenger count (varies by state). If I needed extra money, I’d call my old boss and offer my services for the month.

  • Terry C. says:

    Donate plasma. May earn up to $240.00 in a month. Plus you are saving several lives too. What could be better? Plasma is used in treatment of several chronic life threatening diseases. It is easy to do, takes about 45 minutes and you get paid on a debit card. You can go in once a week at + – $40 a time. Some centers allow twice a week. Try it!

  • Jesse says:

    Some ideas for earning $100 in 30 days:
    1. sell plasma to the local blood bank. Depending on where I live I could earn up to $300 per month.
    2. Sell the extra stuff such as my PS3 gaming console and the 6 games I have.
    3. Run a Craigslist ad offering to cook home cooked meals for the week-end or to act as a personal chef for a family get together. I could probably charge $50 and do this like twice in a month.
    4. hit the yard sales and garage sales and source about $400 worth of items and then sell them on Ebay or Amazon. I figure that by the time I calculate expenses my profit should be about $100.

  • Connie says:

    I would have to dust off my guitar and keyboard and do some singing! I used to make $100/night!

  • sheri says:

    1.Call around to save on car, house, tenant insurance (etc). I saved (made) $800+ on my yearly bill which equalled $70 per month that stayed in my pocket.
    2.Bundle utilities/insurances if they are not already.
    3.Call your cell phone provider and ask if they have any better packages for you based on your patterns (esp if you’ve been with them for a long time). I used to pay $250+ each month. After 2 years I am down to $68/month with more in my package.
    4.Start charging for the things you do for FREE for people. They already need what you provide. All that’s standing in your way is being uncomfortable/scared to ask. (handy people, yard work, babysitting, sewing, carpooling, kids after school that you take care of and feed, etc)
    5.Look at your current skill set (stuff you do at work or in your free time).
    5a) Find people that you can help & provide that service for them.
    5b) Teach others how to do what you are good at.
    Ideas for 5a)&5b):
    -how to set up a new phone, a PVR,any technology or social media site.
    -i just called to deal with a complaint my friend had with a company. She confirmed I could talk on her behalf and i dealt with her problem. I could’ve asked for a percentage of the refund or a fee for my service.
    -creative skills/talents, writing, editing, organizing.

  • JD Macias says:

    I would sell a couple of items around the house. I already sold one & got paid $60. I’m waiting for the next one. Posted them on Craig’s List.

  • Johna says:

    I have the Easy Button way to earn $100!

    Go to the Swagbucks website are start snooping around. I can easily earn $50 per month on but if f I really had to earn $100, I would need to ramp up and put into action all the different ways to earn swagbucks (like searching, watching videos,surveys, etc)…..every 2,500 swagbucks equals $25 deposited to right into my PayPal account within a week of when I request it.

    The whole process is very painless and can be done in the privacy of your home at your computer!

    Now wasn’t that easy! ;o)

  • Mark says:

    Oh yeah, forgot the most obvious one, follow Leo around to 5 places where he hides $20 bills! Presto, $100!

  • Connie Nied says:

    I have made a quick $200.00 in one month and this month, which isn’t over yet, another $238.00. The way I did it you are asking?
    I couldn’t believe myself this could be done–E-Bay!! Plus I will also be making even more money going to Consignment shops bringing a closet full of outfits that I used to wear to work that I no longer use since I am retired! But being retired doesn’t stop me from making money. Yard sales can bring in a good amount of money,weather permitting. Another enterprising idea is to be a “Coupon Queen”.
    Join couponing online and on Sundays, the newspapers supply a great deal of coupons. Another money-making idea I participate in is
    E-Bates. In fact, I will be receiving a check on November 15 for $50.00. Because I used my gift card from Sears to shop online and Macys and several other stores, I am receiving percentages from E-Bates toward my “big fat check”. Anyone can put their mind to it and make at least $100.00 in one month. If I can do it, you can do it too!!

  • Lynn Cahoon says:

    I would find a mystery shopping site that does apartment shops and do four quickly so I’d have time to get paid in 30 days.

    I would develop a resume writing flyer and mail it to the local high schools guidance counselors and drop some off at the library and unemployment office.

    I would call any government offices that were in commuting distance (if I didn’t have a day job) and see if they hire temporary workers.

    I would ask my boss for overtime.

  • Mary says:

    Sell a piece of good quality furniture/equipment/tool I no longer need on the local free buy/sell/swap site.

  • Luis Salazar says:

    Start collecting cans and bottles. Sell them. Use the money to buy something else to sell. Since I have skills I could also sell those. Legal document preparation in my case. Computer repair also a skill set.

  • Elsie Dowell says:

    I’ve already done it and didn’t even realise that I had actually been successful! How to repeat the operation is my next challenge!
    I created a recipe book for my daughter’s Year Six Big Business project and dusted off all my old email contacts (phew!) and sent out loads (about 200 altogether) of emails including one using MailChimp (awesome, free and lots of tracking). I created a simple website and hey presto! Got over $1800 worth of orders in a week! The school gets half the profits so all up, I have made about $600
    Oh yes – please check out Luci’s website
    Another way is for me to give sewing lessons – apart from making recipe books, it’s what I do best!

  • Kevin Puls - ", email marketing maven." says:

    If I ABSOLUTELY needed to generate an additional $100 in the next 30 days, I would hold a yard sale.

    It would also clean up the clutter in the home, so it’s a win/win/win with the third win making the wife happy that there’s less “stuff” collecting dust.

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