Will This Work In My Country?

I'm often asked if my "How To Own Your Paycheck Again!" program will be helpful to people in countries other that the U.S.A.

Yes it will.

The formula is based on simple math and doesn't involve taxes, retirement systems or any other programs that vary greatly from country to country.  If 1+1=2 where you are, this will work for you.  Following is some feedback I've gotten from students around the world.


1.  Makes me really face how much debt I have.

2.  Motivates me to use the program because it shows me how much quicker I could be getting out of debt.  Because I can see the end of the tunnel, I can start to dream again.

3.  It's easy to use.

4.  Easy enough to teach younger members of my family.

5.  Actually teaches me, so going forward I can change.

Way easier than other things I've seen.

Way cheaper to purchase than other things (which allowed me to purchase it, others I did not).

You are personable & helpful & it's easy to see you care (this is the #1 reason, after the solid product, that I purchased this).

I was able to start paying certain debts off.  I saw success.  It now motivates me to not go into further debt.

Sheri O'Reilly
Edmonton AB

How to Own Your Paycheck Again is common sense put to practice. It taught me how to reduce our debt to the point where we're almost living on one income and saving most of the second income.  Never thought we'd see the day but we stuck with it and it's beginning to pay off, literally.  I was desperate for guidance and you were not asking for a ridiculous amount of money for your book.  Also, I liked what the reviews had to say.  Even though I'm from Canada, a lot of what you have to say works for us.  It was easy to read, easy to understand and easier than I thought it would be to put to practice.  At the time I bought your book we had 5 credit cards, a Line of Credit and 3 "Don't Pay a Cent" purchases.  All our credit cards are paid off and we closed three of the five.

We've learned that "Don't Pay a Cent" purchases only work in your benefit if you make monthly payments and pay it off one month BEFORE it's due so you don't get charged back interest.

Linda Benish
Hamilton ON

Out of the "BOX" new refreshing program that will give you a new lease on life and allow you to see daylight from under the dispair of debt!

I was able to easily grasp the concept of the order of payouts and rolling the payment to the next debt extreamly quickly, it made sense and in the first year I was able to eliminate over $18000 of debt!

Thank you this has been a blessing and you have an amazing gift you are sharing with the world!  Keep up the incredible work

Chris Dusseault
Victoria BC

Well, being an educated conusmer, I was a little worried about the "this almost sounds too good to be true" aspect.  Simple, simple, simple.

Definitely helped clear debt... some events have conspired since then, but I know how easily we can get cleaned up again because of the program. Very encouraging.

Carmen Gauvin-O'Donnell
Kingston, ON

It has gotten me almost out of debt and I can feel relaxed about my finances knowing I have an effective plan. It's better than anything I had seen before and since.  Will be totally out of debt including wife's credit card and mortgage in 12 months!  I am extremely grateful to you for your program and continued contacts.

Don Matthews
Thunder Bay, ON


Being in control of the finances is a great feeling. You seem genuinely interested in helping people. I am now debt-free.

Tom Chambers
Letchworth Garden City, UK


It showed me the finish line and how I could bring it closer, faster.  I put the recommedations into action and regularly review my progress.  Paid off two smaller loans within a year and working on the larger credit cards & mortgages are next.

David Rodenburg
Auckland, NZ

"How To Own Your Paycheck Again!" is awesome, lot of hints and tips, motivation to be able to keep up with new ideas has been helpful.
The idea of totalling up interest and keeping it on the fridge has been great it really helps you to keep on track and if you slip to remind you to get back on track again.

Dianne Harvie
Wellington, NZ


Made me focus on the end point benefits while at the same time showed me the small steps and principles and gave me the motivation to follow through.   I now really do own my own paycheck , can pay all bills on time and am saving 10% of my income.

D. M.
Wandin Nth Victoria

It has given me tips on how to be more self-reliant, cut expenses and invest carefully.  The book has clear instructions that can be readily understood. The advice is positive and practical.  You cover a wide range of strategies and are generous with helpful information. Many thanks for your good work and encouragement. I have lowered my stress levels about being in debt and reduced my overheads and debts to just one regular outlay, the mortgage.


It provides a realistic program to get your debts down and is easy to understand.  It was much simpler to work out how to proceed - written clearly and without any reason to doubt the veracity of the program.  It reinforces   the fact that you can falter and it is okay to do this.  Emphasising again the fact that you may need to stop the plan and just pay the minimum if you need the extra money for emergencies.

Melbourne, Victoria

Very useful and workable and easy to put into practise. Making a start even takes a bit of planning.  The one I still use a lot is the Debt Cruncher for a loan - more to encourage me to get it paid out by the time the fixed period is finished - that way I won't be paying a fee to quit the loan and also I couldn't practically  do it in less time.  We're getting there and feels good.


(is there a Scottsdale Australia? Does Arizona know?)


Simple. Straightforward and will work if applied.  Superior by its apparent simplicity.  You begin to feel that you are in control once the thing starts to work.

St. Michael, Barbados


It provides solid common sense and a clear method.  The tables which show break-ups of how a mortgage gets paid are hard-hitting. The debt pay-off methods make sense.   Have managed to wipe out most of my credit card dues.

Mumbai, Maharashtra State


Practical tips on managing finances, not some abstract theory.  Explained in down-to-earth, simple style.   Cleared up some misconceptions about ways of handling and managing finances. Practical tips on saving bits of money here and there.


Easy to understand and easy to apply.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


I thought it an intriging title and it appealed to my sense of freedom.
-it is easy to understand

- quick results can be seen

-good motivation to stay on track

- shows the amount of money you pay in interest (wasted money), stated as a fact, without judgment

- cheers you up, no moralising

- appeal to feelings of freedom

It made me more determined to stay out of debt and to save for specific goals with the same discipline you advise for getting out of debt.

I helped other to make a start with improving their financial position by showing it is possible in a reasonable time frame.

Els van Dongen
Capelle aan den IJssel


This is real and can happen where you are right now. It's do-able without too much capital and time. I did what you asked and felt its good at what it is, at least for now.  Thanks, Leo, for being down-to-earth and not some airy-fairy conman! Though some of the suggestions are not workable here, its the discipline which you encourage that makes a lot of difference. Thanks again, Leo. Cheers.



It teaches a surefire way to save money and keep it saved by eliminating debt.  I am able to save then spend. I was able to eliminate debt completely. I am able to advise friends on the method I used.  I am able to put more money into my pension fund. We've always heard about saving money and the reasons why , but never such a simple method on how to eliminate debt.  As indicated I am now debt free.

In my country credit for me was easily accessible. I owed five credit unions plus a credit card account. By using the method... I have paid off my mortgage in a quicker period of time than I would have had to using this method.

Kester Hamlet
Port of Spain, Trinidad


It helped me to focus on what to pay off first. I have managed to close various accounts successfully.

Mike Jones
Pretoria, Gauteng Province

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