Websites To Help You Save Money

Here are some websites I discovered this week... encourages community sharing.
Create an online group with Facebook friends who
live nearby, neighbors and fellow parents. When
you need, say, a ladder, you can quickly see if
any of your contacts is able to lend.


You can also RENT whatever you have and make
some money.

How often have you needed something for only a
short time. And how often after you bought what
you needed a friend would say "oh you could have
borrowed mine!"

This site solves that problem if you get your friends
involved. Great idea for a site.

Next up... From the site...

Face it: You probably never will give up
wireless service, credit cards or gasoline--and
maybe not cable, either--so you might as well
snag the lowest rate. Unlike other comparison
sites, supplies unbiased suggestions
based on your usage. It also provides 24-hour customer

Not much I can add there.
Join for free to pay half price on comedy
shows, sporting events, plays, concerts and more.

Venues partner with the website to fill their seats,
so unlike with a broker, there's never a markup--just
lots of last-minute opportunities!

Do you think you might be paying too much for your
electricity and other utilities? shows
you the average going rate in 20 cities, offers free
price quotes from competing providers and lets you
switch immediately online with a best-price guarantee
Check them out and let me know what you think.

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