Good uses for your tax refund (or any lump sum)

Tis the season for we Americans to start getting
tax refunds from Uncle Sam.

Of course, it's better not to get one because
it's money you could be using during the
course of the year rather than loaning it
to the government.

But I know some people love getting that big
check this time of year so here are some ideas
for being smart with your refund or with
any big chunk of money.

Take your lump sum and divide it by 15.
$2000/15 = $133.

Find a casino with a Roulette
the spins until you see 4 of the same color
in a row and then bet $133 on the opposite

Just kidding!  (don't do that!).

The best use of any lump sum is in paying
off your debt.  If you have my
"How To Own Your Paycheck Again"
program you know how to allocate
that money.

Another good use would be to use some of
the money in an "opportunity fund".  Some
people call it an emergency fund but I
prefer the more positive name.

Who knows?...someday you may get the opportunity
to be an early investor in the next Facebook! 🙂

If college expenses are in your future you might
consider using some of your lump sum to start
a savings plan for that.

How long do you plan to live?  Retirement saving
is important.  The only thing we don't get more of
in this life is TIME.  Make the most of it by
saving as early as you can.

Spread the wealth.  Yesterday I donated $14.58 to a
classroom in Hays, NC.  I was one of 11 donors
who gave a total of $385 dollars so the students
could get books for their TAG readers. (I don't
know what a TAG reader is)

I did this at When I go
to this site I sort from smallest to largest and almost
always find a project that needs less than $20
to get funded.

I promise if you do this, you'll feel great and just
might be surprised at the other benefits.

You can give any amount.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

That's all for today.

I hope you found something interesting and

Make it a great week!


P.S.  I received this last week from
J.P, one day after she'd made the investment in
"How To Own Your Paycheck Again!"

I immediately read the
and got started.   I decided
to break our debt down into small groups using the
"DEBT CRUNCHER" concentrating on small groups
of debt at a time versus having the complete list
including mortgages (we have 3 properties) in front
of me.  This for my husband and I made our goals
to total debt free status more achievable.  The first
group of debt per the debt cruncher will take about
1 year to pay off, but because this program has motivated
me so much and it has literally been only 1 day,
(it has a great deal to do with it's simplicity), we will
have the first group of debt according to my game plan
paid off in 2.5 months!

I am so excited and FOCUSED!

I feel very blessed to have literally stumbled upon your
website and I thank you for a simple and effective way
for the average individual to grab a hold of what they can
control and make it work so that in the end as most families,
we are able to pass down good financial traditions to our
children and we can place ourselves back in a place where
we used to be and somehow (and I know what the "how" was)
lost our way and let our good habits fall on the wayside.

Thank you again,
J. P.

Get your own copy today!

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