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How Leo Quinn Can Help The Media:

  • I can provide expert commentary on stories about paying off debt including the methods one should avoid, especially those that are advertised heavily.   If your station runs those "Request your free CD to get out of debt"  ads you definitely do NOT want me talking about this topic on the air.
  • I am available for interviews related to personal finance, internet marketing, saving money and making money.
  • If your topic is "get rich quick" scams, I'm your man.

Show/Segment Ideas

  • How To Save Money On Your Holiday Gift Shopping Using Your Computer
  • Avoid These Common Money-Making Scams
  • Got Debt?  Here's What To Do and What NOT To Do
  • Smart Money Moves You Can Make Today
  • Realistic Ways To Make Money From Home

I'm available for interviews in person (Albany, NY area) or via telephone or email.

Contact me  in Upstate NY at 518.857.6346 or via email

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