You make the call!

You've probably heard the advice that you should call your service providers and ask for a better deal.

I did just that in the last few days and I want you to see and hear how it went.  It doesn't have to be scary.

I used the occasion of a Time Warner ad in my local newspaper to call them and ask for a lower rate.

The ad offered TV Packages starting at $29.99 and Internet Packages starting at $19.99.

I pay $148.91 for my TV/Internet combo so it looks like new customers get a much better deal

I called and told the person who answered that I wanted to talk about my bill.  I explained that I pay $148.91 but saw their ad offering the rates above and said I'd like to get the rates a new customer would get since I've been a customer for so long.

They transferred me to the "Customer Solutions Team" AKA the customer retention department.

The agent first offered me $13 off and then $26 when I asked him to do better.  He told me to call right back and ask for a better deal on the DVR because he couldn't stack more than two offers.

I did and when all was said and done, I saved $34.77 off my bill  or $417.24 for the year. The DVR rate is only for 3 months so I do have to call back to get that rate.

I then called back and got $20 knocked off the parent's $100 bill as well. A total yearly savings of over $600 for a few minutes on the phone.

Everyone I spoke with was polite and friendly.

You will receive the exact same treatment when you call your service providers.

I saved $30 a month off my cell phone bill last week.

I wonder what would happen if I called back next month. Will they save me 20% every time?

Reader Lacey reported her results...

I called AT&T and asked for a discount. The first offer was $5 less per month. I then asked to speak to someone about cancelling our service.

After speaking with the person in cancellations, I received $55 off PER MONTH for one year!!!! I kid you not. I could not believe it. When I complained about having to call back every six months, she gave me one year but said that was the most I could have.

She then gave me her direct email and phone number and told me to call again next year! I asked if she would actually be there next year and she assured me that, after 14 years service, she would indeed be around.

I couldn't be more pleased! It is unbelievable to me that we will save this much money in one year because I made one call.

This doesn't have to be a scary process.

This 8 minute audio will prove it...

I edited out the personal info and the pauses.

PLEASE make calls to all your service providers.

Let me know how you do!




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