The Buteyko Experiment…


I'm sleeping with a piece of tape over my mouth.'s weird.

I've done it 5 of the last 7 nights.  I forgot to put the tape on for two nights in a row.

It's apparently a practice from Russia called the Buteyko Method.

The goal?

To see what happens.

I don't typically snore...a fact confirmed by an app that listens for snoring/talking while I sleep.  I don't have any other breathing issues but I can always use better sleep.


On Friday and Saturday I was using tape...I forgot Sunday and Monday...Tuesday I was back at it and it looks like I had 3 solid hours of deep sleep instead of the roller coaster other nights.

Not sure if it's related but will have to experiment a few days off here and there.

This article in Forbes lists some problems caused by mouth breathing...

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Bad breath
  3. Poor dental hygiene/gum issues
  4. Disordered palate and jaw growth in children
  5. Orthodontic problems
  6. Sagging (laxity) of the soft palate
  7. Bed partner distress from the snoring
  8. Daytime fatigue and lethargy from poor sleep

When I started do this I was AMAZED that this little piece of tape stayed on overnight. 

Despite rolling around and occasional coughs, it stays put.

I don't expect much to happen with this one but it's weird and isn't hurting anyone so I'm in!

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