Putting the kids to work!

I have three nieces and two nephews...ages
11, 9, 7, 3.5 and 15 days.  The three oldest
regularly ask me to help them make some money.

Obviously, at their ages their options are limited.
They live out in the country so typical things
like paper routes and lemonade stands are out.

The oldest has her own etsy store making jewelry...


but she and the others are on the lookout
for more options.

This last week I did a LOT of research on
a website called www.Fiverr.com.

At this site people are selling products and
services for only $5.

I've never sold anything here but I've
bought at least a dozen "gigs" as they
are called.

I figured the kids wouldn't mind making $5
for doing some gigs and I set out
to figure out what they could do.

Little did I know that some people
are actually making several hundred
dollars a month selling quick and
easy services on  Fiverr.

I know that because I had about 30
hours of research done on what products
and services are actually selling there.

You can discover what my research found at


Some of it is pretty funny.

I gave a quick intro of Fiverr to a friend of mine last week and
here is what she emailed me Monday...

"The kids and I had the radio off and brainstormed
Fiverr ideas all the way to Hudson Falls.  They've
been coming to me all weekend with ideas, too.
The latest?  A booklet on how to make paper
airplanes.  The girls have made approx. 500 of
them, and now they're all over the house!

Even better, the kids are planning what they'll
do with the money they make. Mal has a goal
to pay for summer camp.  Tom wants to buy
more points to use in his video games.
I think Maeve wants to buy her 1000th Webkinz.

A great homeschool lesson in entrepreneurship!"

I'm not fooled.  I know mom is planning to make
some extra moolah there too.  🙂

Sure some of the "gigs" require "talent" but dozens
do not.

Go check it out at:


At the very least the kids will learn about business,
managing their time, customer service,
managing money etc.  All in a low stress
environment...allowing them to still be kids.

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