Patience Can Be A Profitable Virtue

I was poking around the free section of
Craigslist yesterday as I like to do.

Someone was giving away an air conditioner.

It's the middle of winter around here and there is
little need for one of these for several months.


It reminded me of the story I'd heard years ago of
a guy who'd go around collecting these during the
cold months and selling them in the warm months.


He was patient and made a nice profit because of it.


I encourage you to take a look through your area's
free section on craiglist and see what is available.



They have a new feature called GRID VIEW which
allows you to see a bunch of photos at one time
so you can quickly see if there is anything worth
looking at closer.


Yesterday I also noticed a Nikon camera in the
free section....
Unless I was a Nikon expert I'd probably pass on this
because it might not be working but how do you find
out what something like this might be worth?

You could search ebay or a new site I discovered...

This site tells you what an item is selling for on
ebay and Craigslist.

It's not perfect but gives you a quick and easy
starting point.

It says an acceptable price range for the camera above
is $116 to $165.

Not too bad for something you could pick up for free. 

This is just an example of how to use craigslist for profit.

Many more example are in my "How to Use Craiglist for
Profit and Problem Solving".

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