My 1992 “appearance” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The parental units are slowly emptying their house of "kid stuff".

When you have five kids it can take up a LOT of space.

Today they had a pile of videotapes for me to go through.

As I'm typing this I'm watching a basketball game from early 1986.

So far I have four fouls and four points which was my typical output.  There was no shot clock or three point line back then or I would have missed a lot more shots. (I ended up with 6 points...and 2 for 2 foul shooting...THAT was unusual)

In the fall of 1992 I went out to California to attend the wedding of a friend.  I took the opportunity to attend a taping of the Tonight Show.

You'll see me in the lower part of the screen listening to Louis tell a funny story about a woman, her husband, a dog and a gun.

The quality isn't the best since I took it off the TV with my iPhone and you'll have to turn up your volume, but I think you'll enjoy it.

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