How the REAL debt management companies work…

It should surprise no one that in my position I hear my fair share of stories involving people who can't pay their debts.

If you can pay your bills on time my "How To Own Your Paycheck Again" program will show you how to pay off your debts in a fraction of the normal time.

If you can't pay your bills on time, I recommend and have for some time.

Don't get help paying your bills from any organization that doesn't get a link from that site.

Any group that wants to charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars to "help" you with your bills does NOT have your best interest at pun intended.

Here is an experience one of my readers had with a company she found at

I want to share my experience and would encourage anyone who is struggling with credit card debt to make the move of contacting It was the most painless process you can imagine.


After first going to website, prompting the debt management program, I was guided to Clear Point Financial Solutions this is one of the companies NFCC uses.

I made my call to Clear Point just to talk with them about how they could help. To my amazement they asked if I had about 30- 40 minutes they could tell me right then what they could do for me.

You must be prepared when you call have all of your credit card debt in front of you , knowing you cc #, balance and interest rate. As we went down the list of my credit cards one by one they tell you right then what your payment will change to and what your interest rate will change to. Most of my interest rates went from 29% to 9%. They have already worked with the creditors and know what they can do for you.

Next they will go through your finances as to what your housing , car payments, insurance , groceries , pet food , anything you spend money on monthly so they can see if the program will work for you and what you are able to afford. They will tell you where you need to cut back.

Next they sent the paper work for me to sign and send back to start the program. Within a week or two I started receiving letters from my creditors stating my new interest rate and they had accepted me in the program.

Monthly I get a statement from Clear Point as to my balances. I still receive a statement from my credit card companies so I can see my payments are being made by Clear Point ( I comes right from my checking account once a month). I made one file for my credit card and clear point statements . so when they arrive each month I just staple the newest one to the top of each company so at a glance you can see the balances going down. Clear Point will call periodically to make sure your balances are going down.

I am in my 5th month of the program and I can not tell you what it has done for me. There is light at the end. I would recommend this program to any one.

The cost is $35 per month. I will have $13,000 in credit card debt paid off in 36 months. This is the same $13,000 balance I have carried for the past 10 years that I was never able to pay down because of high interest rate and just getting by because each month I only seemed to scrape the minimum payment.

Thanks to Sally for this update. If you or someone you love needs help getting caught up, please go to

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