How easy are you to stop?

A couple years ago now I received an email from a reader asking if I knew any ways for her to make some extra money.

She had been making some extra money selling stuff on ebay UNTIL her camera broke.

She couldn't afford to replace it so she stopped "doing" ebay. She was stopped.

Recently I got an email from a reader who'd like to buy "How To Own Your Paycheck Again!" but only has Web TV which can't handle PDFs....which is the format the ebook comes in. She's stopped.

Excuses like this perplex me.

How many people do you know who have a digital camera? ALL OF THEM? 95%?

Of those people, how many would A) let you borrow it for a day or two or three OR B) would gladly come over and take pictures for you of all the stuff you wanted to put on eBay? My guess is at least 1....which is all you need!

Most drug stores in America and probably every WalMart will take your film and give you the pictures on a CD! Buy a $10 disposable camera...take pictures of your stuff and get the pics on CD! Put on ebay and repeat.

These are simple answers...I'm no rocket surgeon, as you know.

WebTV? OK...I'm going to copy and paste now...

How many people do you know who have a computer and printer? ALL OF THEM? 95%?

Of those people, how many would let you use it to print up something you wanted to read?...I'd bring my own paper. My guess is at least 1....which is all you need!

No friends?...then head over to the public library.

Is this hard?

I can understand sickness, disability and legitimate excuses but if you REALLY
want something put on your thinking cap.

I suspect if WebTV gal was sent pictures of her new grandchildren via PDF
she'd find a way to get a look at those pictures fast! Am I right?

I don't intend this post to offend anyone. It probably reads harsher than
is my intent.

I have a place in the Quitter's Hall of Fame. But these are just two examples that
spring to mind as SO SIMPLE (and inexpensive) to get past...around or over.

What molehills are stopping you now?

Ask 10 friends for their advice. Odds are one of them is at least as
smart as me. :>P

You've lived with you for a long time. You know how you are. Design
things to improve your chances for success.

I'll give you an example from my own life, which makes me look brilliant
but I assure you I could bury you in the stupid stuff.

In late 2007 around November I purchased one of those DVD exercise
programs from an infommercial. It was a 90 day program.

I KNEW I wouldn't stick with it as I was placing the order. I KNEW IT!

So I asked myself "what would have to happen for me to finish this
90 day program?"

Doing it with a friend? Nope. Friends?...what friends?

The only thing I could come up with is "someone knocking on
my door every morning."  THAT would make me
finish the 90 days. Nothing else.

So I placed an ad on Craig's list looking for a personal trainer
to come to my place 6 days per week for 90 days.

Found one in less than 2 days I think and from Jan 2 to March
30th Tricia was my babysitter. After the first week I knew
how to do all the moves correctly.

Half of her job was done. The other half was to make sure
I actually got up every morning at 7AM and I did.

Surprisingly, I was awake and moving every day
she arrived. I figured I would have overslept at least
once but I didn't...she's scary! :>)

So now the folks who would love to have a personal
trainer come to their house 6 days a week are
whining and moaning because they couldn't
afford it.

Here I go again with the copy and paste...

How many people do you know who would love to work with a personal trainer to get in better shape in a comfy home rather than a public gym? ALL OF THEM? 95%?

Of those people, how many would be glad to split cost of one with you? My guess is at least 1....which is all you need!

One week at your house, one week at their house...whatever works. Make it work!

So enough diatribe. Again, I don't mean this to sound harsh but I hope it's a kick in the pants to someone who needs it.

It's almost three on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I'm going to go play with the nieces and nephew...after my nap.

I still haven't recovered from 6 days a week of getting up at 7AM!

Thanks for reading!

Leo Quinn
Quitter's Hall of Fame
Class of 1980

P.S. No I didn't get a six pack from my 90-day program but I could do 4 or 5 pull-ups from 0 and my resting heart rate was much improved.

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  • Lynn Davis says:

    Thanks for “kicking me in the pants”, Leo!!

    I’ll let you know what’s changed in a few weeks!!

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