Things you probably didn’t know about me…

So you really have a lot of free time huh?

I didn't put a number on this because I don't really know how many "things" I'll come up with.

So away we go...

1) I was born in Burlington, VT on Thanksgiving Day (November 23) 1967 and I'm the oldest of 5 Quinn kids.

2) I've never intentionally had a drink of alcohol.

I say "intentionally" because some have intentionally or accidentally put some in my drink.  This isn't for any other reason than I don't like the smell.  I never really understood "drinking until you liked it".  Also it didn't hurt that people around me who were drinking were acting stupid and throwing up a lot which brings me to...

3) I haven't thrown up in at least 40 years.  (aren't you so glad you've found this page?)

4) I have a parrot...a Speckled Amazon named Willie...although most people call him "birdie".  I also had an African Grey who was an amazing talker but she died in the early 90s.

Most parrots live long lives... 50 or more years.  Willie is 32 or so...I got him when I was in 10th grade I think.

5) I spent the first semester of my junior year in college at Richmond College in London...1988.

I chose London because I didn't want a language barrier and because Princess Diana lived there.  I saw her two or three times while there.  Amazingly the Royals daily schedules were in the paper.  I can't imagine that is still the case.

And yes, her marriage troubles started about then but I have no comment.  Incidentally, I came home a few days before the Lockerbie Pam Am crash.  I would have been on a boat to home if I'd still been over there.

6) My mother wanted to name me Andrew but Leo Sr won that discussion and not another one since.

7)I feel lucky to have known all my grandparents.  They were all alive when I graduated from high school and only my mother's mother was alive when I was done with college.

8 ) I have three nieces and two nephews.  Grace, Gabriel, Eva, Anson and Sophia...17, 15, 13,  9 and 4.  I wasn't so sure about those boy names but the names have grown on me and they are great little men.    I just hope "Happy Days" the TV series,  doesn't start up in re-runs again or Anson might become "Potsie" to his friends.

9) I used to have a Swiss bank account.   One morning the group I was traveling with in November 1988 were in Munich and when they headed for the concentration camps I headed for the train station.  Once in Zurich I went to a McDonald's then Volksbank...put $200 in the bank and hopped back on the train back to Munich.

At some point back in London I needed money and withdrew $100 but I had that account until 2010 or so when they closed it on me for non-activity.  I did get the money back but it wasn't my best investment.

10) I was a valet parker for 20 years.  I started at Panza's Restaurant in 1984 and went pro in 1986.  Going pro means I worked for the company that did all the big jobs in Saratoga during racing season.  I was co-owner of the biz for a time but retired in 2004.  I still fill in once and awhile and if I do say so myself...I still got it!

11) When I graduated from college I was offered a $10,000,000 contract with the NBA.  I couldn't come up with the money so I had to turn them down. (Just seeing if you are paying attention.)


  • Stormie says:

    I had to respond because we share the same birthday! Mine was the day after Thanksgiving on the year that I was born, considerably before yours – 1945. I also have parrots. A B&G Macaw, an African Grey, a Goffins Cockatoo, and a wee Sun Conure. Oh, and 3 budgies.

    I’m glad to hear that your Mom didn’t let your Dad make a habit of winning discussions…

    Too bad you couldn’t afford the NBA contract. *snicker*

    [I’m working on that contract, Stormie!]

  • Mary Gallagher says:

    Hi, Leo,
    So glad to catch up a little seeing your ‘new’ website. This is very impressively laid out and easy to follow and find topics easily. I am enjoying your humor, as always!
    Best for now,
    P.S. Those Boston Celtics just didn’t know what they were missing, lol…

    [Thanks Mary! Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.]

  • Jolene says:

    Love the new blog Leo, and your humor adds just the right touch. I’ve removed myself from several lists that I used to subscribe to (kicking the overwhelmed feeling) but yours has always remained in my top 5!
    Thanks for your honest advice,

    [Thanks Jolene! I appreciate it.]

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