This is real, live feedback from folks who have invested in "How To Own Your Paycheck Again!" and stuck with it.

In some cases they permit me to use their full name and other information.  In most cases they do not because, obviously, finances are a very personal matter.

You probably would not like revealing details about your debt to complete strangers so I'm very grateful to those who do allow me to use their information to help others.

August 18, 2017

I really wanted you to know that last year on my 49th I decided I wanted to celebrate my 50th with a bang so I did the saving 1 dollar the first week...2 dollar the second and so on..And I DID IT!! I ended up with $1400 in saving....I'm still saving my dimes and nickels until the jar is filled right up and my quarters and I will let you know how much in a couple of weeks in change.
I am sticking to my resolution of saving $50 a month and doing the weekly saving again except I'm starting backwards so next year on my 51 I add a dollar into the pot. The $1400 allowed me to spend an entire weekend with my children having fun...fancy dinner and brunch,escape room and go karting plus other activities as was fun and I still have money left over so I bought myself a beautiful purse because after 50 years of living I deserve a beautiful purse.
Thank you so much for teaching me how to save on a single budget and setting a goal and sticking to it!! 
Now I have fun doing this and I've been saving my 5$ bills and so far I've saved almost 400 dollars which will go into a savings account for my future. I've never been good at saving or understanding money until I found you and now I like it and am proud when I can put money aside and see how it has helped. So thank you for all your great ideas and I look forward to saving more for my future now!
Have a GREAT day!!!

 Lesley O

January 15, 2014

Hello Leo!
I purchased your "How To Own Your  Paycheck Again!"
last week, and I have found out that I could be debt free in
2½ to 3 years!!!!!!  I was convinced that I would be in debt
until the day I die. ... the tune of $45K!!!  I had whittled it down to about
$18K over the course of 5 years and managed to pay off
2 of the 6 cards, but knew I was doomed as far as ever
seeing daylight (especially since I only get $900/mo disability
and $600 of it was going out monthly to pay the credit cards!).


I have done without a lot of things like medications, needed
surgeries, and only went to the grocery store about once every
3 months for just the "basics".  I have managed....but it hasn't
been easy.  The depression and the "helpless/hopeless" feelings
were worse than the financial pit I was in.


Enter Leo Quinn!!!  I had been working on paying "extra" each
month on ALL my credit cards until I received your course.
After starting to read your course, I found out I needed to
change my "concept" of what was the best way to pay all these.


I mentally feel better and I have set my plan up as per your directions.
I did the worksheet with that figure, and that's when I saw the 2½-3
year projection. I was elated!  I was figuring 10 2½-3
was a very welcome revelation!


I just want to thank you, Leo for offering all these programs.  I
know I am not alone out here, and I hope others will take
advantage of your knowledge and turn their situation around.
I am sure giving it an honest attempt.  God Bless You!


Sincerely yours,


March 8, 2013

Just to let you know we began the system immediately and have paid off three bills already. (in less than one month) We will be debt free so long as we keep to this new budget in six years. We just purchased property in November, and this is one we are especially excited about being able to pay off in  six years. Thanks so much for this information.  Sincerely, Jerry H.

NOTE FROM LEO: The above is in no way typical.  To pay off three bills in less than one month means they probably reallocated money they had available when they saw the tremendous benefit of paying off those debts.

March 5, 2013

I got lots done this past year. I'm trying to get my act together and out of debt.  I set up the plan to get more of that paycheck back. 🙂   I managed to pay off three out of four credit cards with your program, paid for my car (before it broke, saving for a new one) and am working on school.  So I wanted to say thank you for your program. It is awesome and works wonders. 🙂

Have fun and enjoy.


October 18, 2012

I want to thank you, first, for the wonderful opportunities and insights that you have provided. I'm glad that I took Mike McGroarty's advice and signed up for your course and newsletters. 🙂 Your methods have helped calm the craziness that surrounded us when it came to our finances. We are slowly, but surely, getting back on track and the disagreements have all but ceased. It is so refreshing to be able to see a way "out" again. - Johanna

September 3, 2012

("How To Own Your Paycheck Again!") is  packed with ideas on how to save money with tips to help you spend wisely and choose purchases wisely.  It was the answer to our problems. We saw immediately how it was going to help us.  K Mac - Australia

June 8, 2012

Your programs changed my life!  And while we are not debt free yet – it’s had such an impact on our debt that it put us in a position to start a business when the company I worked for went under.  And to make capital investments in things we never would have dreamed of...   Now that business, after a few years is really coming into it’s own – and we are looking at being able to invest quite a bit more into our debt again.  We’ve recently paid off one line of credit and eliminated it.  Our mortgage is done in 11 months (or less if I put additional monies there as I’m supposed to with your program).  And then we can tackle the lines of credit.  It won’t be long the way we’re going.  THANK you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  P.A. - Canada

March 2012

"After I read your program realized that I'd been doing it all wrong...
real eye-opener for the old 'where did it all go?'...I'm well on my
way to 'Owning my paycheck again.... Thank you! I'm not there yet,
but this IS working." - Dan - IL
It helps you focus on ways to live within your means
and still have a good life.
Quick read, to the point.
I am well on my way to being free of credit card debt.
I found I could have more money in the bank than
I realized.  Good advice, gives us the tools to do
what we need to have positive net worth.  - JR - Arkansas
It gives people hope no matter how bad the
situation. It brings peace of mind. It's so
simple; why didn't I think of that. Not rocket
science. You will always be surprised how
soon you can be debt free. The debt cruncher
was awesome. This has been with me for a long
time. It's a way of life. I am in control of my
financial future and I and my husband were both
able to retire at 50. - Donna  - VA

It helps a person learn how to pay down their
debt in an easily understood manner. I found the
Debt Cruncher the most  useful. It lets you see
what you're  really up against... it helps you see
how you can - over time and with patience - eliminate
that debt. Nan- TX



Hi Mr. Quinn,

I wanted to talk to you about your course.  I’ve thought about you and this course MANY times over the years.

I took this course many, many years ago.  I didn’t really believe what you told us to do, but I did it anyway.  And lo and behold, years and years later….  I am almost debt free!  Thanks to you and this course.

I work at Columbia-Greene so if you’d like me to have a little “commercial” about how your course worked for me, at your course on January 25th.  Let me know!  Thank you!


(I did an interview with Cathy, which you can hear at:


Hi Leo,
Thanks for your interest.
Well, my story is pretty dramatic. I live in Croatia, a small East-European country with average monthly wages of 800 US$. At the time I got into debt, my wages were about 1500 US$. I was using all imaginable credit cards and taking all imaginable cash loans to reach the debt of over 130,000 US$.
It looked hopeless. I started your plan with 4 cash loans and 8 different credit cards to the maximum limit. I took some part-time jobs and in 4 years time, with discipline and faith,  got rid of the last penny I owed.
At first my headstart wasn't big, but gradually, as I started earning more money, I accelerated payments.
Now I have no credit cards and will never use one again. Bad financial behavior cost me my marriage and one job. It took a lot of effort to find another permanent employment and get my life in order again.
I feel liberated and stronger for a new experience. I'm sorry I had to learn the hard way, but I have no one to blame but myself.
I hope you'll find my story interesting and I thank you once again for your excellent book.
Best regards,


Aloha Leo:
Thank you very much for responding to my e-mail and thank you for the link of the new and improved debt cruncher.  It is amazing how much debt I have paid off comparing my new list to the old list I created a Oct 2010.  Thank you once again and make it a great day!




The program insists that you focus on the reality of your
situation and not hide your head in the sand and then gives
you the tools to correct your bad behaviors or to stop
spinning your wheels with solutions that don't work.

Putting it all down on paper allows the partner who
DOESN'T pay the bills to get a good look at reality,
it's not a complicated system to grasp and the system works.
And I'm very aware of what I'm spending and what I'm spending
it on now.

The feeling of accomplishment we have is just great
and we are so motivated to get out of debt.

AnnMarie Sanchez
Phoenix, AZ

It showed me the finish line and how I could bring
it closer, faster. I put the recommendations into
action and regularly review my progress.

Paid off two smaller loans within a year and working
on the larger credit cards & mortgages are next.

David Rodenburg
Auckland New Zealand

It's a different approach, but works far more quickly
to restore  your personal sense of control over your

Terry Baldwin
Boston, MA

I have already paid off one car loan (now just 2 more to go)
and will have 1 credit card paid with about 4 to follow.
I will be fully out of credit card debt in less than 2
years and will only have my mortgage and 2 car loans
thereafter.  I will be totally out of debt in 7.5 years
and we are not talking small numbers, my current debt
load is right at $250K.

It's simple to follow, it really opened my eyes to what
I was doing wrong and why nothing seemed to get paid off.

Still working the program, just purchased about 4-5 weeks ago.
I like the "Debt Cruncher", it shows you how easy it can be
to start paying things off...just follow the program and
stay committed.  I think the real eye opener was my mortgage,
after reading about what I am paying my mortgage holder
I ran an amortization table and was shocked.  Even paying
an additional $200/month to my principal will make a
huge difference in my home loan. I plan to have the
remaining 27 years paid off in 7.5.

Pasadena, TX


After several years, I'm still learning new things
from Leo, especially during -...Admittedly..."Lapses"
in how I've handled things due to whatever personal
crisis was occurring which impacted my finances.
Leo doesn't sermonize or judge, Leo just presents
clear, decisive, doable options and a plan to find
your way out of the labyrinth.

I see that Leo operates from a really good place of
integrity and compassion--That has no price tag on it.
The ongoing support and new ideas, blog and contests are

It didn't cost a gazillion dollars, it came with the
wonderful weekly newsletters and offers, is interactive,
realistic and gives you step-by-step, attainable things
to do to improve your finances!

Pacific Grove, CA

Definitely worth the money and still helpful even after
a year of having it, through the emails and updates.

Easy to follow. Used language you could understand
(unlike financial advisors or investment type people).
Used everyday examples. Was geared toward everyday people,
not high-income types (who may need it anyway). It was
like talking to your next door neighbor, or a good friend.
For same reasons as above AND didn't overwhelm you with a
lot of hard-to-decipher figures or graphs or charts.

Mt. Horeb, WI


It really works if you apply it.  I started with high
credit card bills and was able to get them all paid off.
It was a very helpful tool and if you have any additional
questions we can email Leo and yes..he will email us back.
I was impressed that he did answer my question.

Safety Harbor, FL

The benefits of this program are so simple and yet so
worthwhile. I have learned how to pay off bills the
right way... without needing to  be a computer or
financial wiz kid.

I really haven't used many other resources
except Suzi Orman. Your program has been
less expensive to learn from and just as helpful
but in an ongoing way( your frequent emails and updates).

I'm doing better with this program than I thought
I would. I am so much more aware of my spending and
paying down bill habits.

Chicago, IL


to follow, it really opened my eyes to what I

was doing wrong and why nothing seemed to get paid off.

Still working the program, just purchased about
4-5 weeks ago.  I like the "Debt Cruncher", it

shows you how easy it can be to start paying
things off...just follow the program and stay


I think the real eye opener was my mortgage,
after reading about what I am paying my
mortgage holder I ran an amortization table
and was shocked.  Even paying an additional
$200/month to my principal will make a huge
difference in my home loan. I plan to have the
remaining 27 years paid off in 7.5.

I have read a couple of books that talk about "paying"
off your debt but it is one thing to read the concept
and another to visualize it with the "Debt Cruncher"

I have already paid off one car loan (now just 2
more to go) and will have 1 credit card paid with
about 4 to follow.  I will be fully out of credit card
debt in less than 2 years and will only have my
mortgage and 2 car loans thereafter. I will be
totally out of debt in 7.5 years and we are not
talking small numbers, my current debt load is
right at $250K.

Dawn from TX.

I am always a skeptic (if it sounds too good to be true,
it usually is); so of course I was reluctant.
But the small investment won me over.
(It's) a solid program to get yourself out of debt
without filing bankruptcy. It doesn't happen overnight;
but if you are persistent, it really works.
(It) gives you charts to figure out what accounts to pay first.
Really gives you the entire plan and helps you plan to make
real changes in your life.

I had contacted a bank about a consolidation loan.
I was not behind on any accounts, but was up to my
neck in debt. Even though I had checking and savings
with them, because I did not own any property they
would not even consider it.
I was on the verge of considering filing for
bankruptcy. So this came as a lifeline to me.
I am a procrastinator, so the program sat on my
computer for quite some time.  I would get Leo's
emails once in a while, and I would think:
"Gosh, I should really do that program."
When the credit card laws changed, and
some of the companies that I have credit
with started raising interest rates simply
because I might have been close to the limit.
And other companies lowered available credit
so that they could raise the interest rates.
Of course, when they lower your available credit,
that lowers your credit score also.
These were
all motivating factors for me to finally start
using the program.
I have already paid off a couple
accounts. By January, I will have paid another off.
Thanks so much!
L.B. Wisconsin


I have eliminated all of my debt except my mortgage and with the countries recession I am so pleased that I did it so quickly.  The peace of mind is wonderful.  We started probably 2 years ago and had some set backs along the way that took us off track but even with all of that we eliminated the extra $26000. in credit debt and never felt deprived at all.  I still like to see the program for encouragement along the way from time to time and I want my husband to use it on his businesses so he can do the same thing I did at home.  Thank you for any help and the advice that I followed a couple of years ago.




We were off line for 2 years after a move, but back on and thrilled to be reading your mail again! You are always a breath of fresh air.  My husband and I made the commitment to apply your approach to our financial lives last July and we have made substantial progress!

My husband was laid off for five months this past winter and it was the first lay-off period that we were not stressed out worrying about how we were going to pay all our bills because half our bills had been payed off!!  Including 16.5K in credit card bills!

I keep $1000 opportunity fund (just had the opportunity to repair my car, so its about half that now) and our plan is to finish paying off all remaining bills (except mortgage) this year.  The mortgage should be payed off in 5 to 7 years while we are building a very nice retirement fund, savings account,  and our new log home construction fund--yes we plan to pay cash for our new home!!

I now cannot imagine how we lived for so many years blindly accepting the American cultural standard  that immediate gratification is worth countless thousands of dollars in interest payed for it.  Your approach, Leo, is point on and has helped us take control of our financial nightmare and begin turning it into financial dreams come true!

One more thing, I originally calculated that it would take us two to three years to pay off all of the bills except the mortgage, depending on lay-offs.  Before we made the comittment to apply your program, we had not been very....generous.  After reading all of the beautiful material included in your program, we realized how blessed we were and how thoughtless we had been in not sharing our blessings, as we are asked by God to do.  (A shameful realization!)

Last July, when we began your program, we began to share our blessings and amazing additional blessings have been coming to us!  We are now expecting to be able to accomplish our goal of all bills but mortgage paid in about a year and a half from our start date of last July--and that is with a lay-off thrown in!

For your program, for continuing to share your material, and for your encouragement!  Have a blessed day!




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