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  • Deborah Jordan says:

    Please help I have been getting charged for the past 2 months fees from Profit Vault onto my credit card. I have disputed them PROFIT VAULT EL TECAL US the amounts are between $3.18 and $86.98 I have been unable to find the company with internet searches. Regards Deborah

  • Leo says:

    Deborah…never heard of them but disputing it with your Credit Card company is the way to go!

  • Kerry Skiffington says:

    Leo, my debt mess was exacerbated by a chunk of time in the hospital and a mortgage fiasco only GMAC and the US government could create but thankfully is being remedied by a new VT law -go, Vermont! But your reducing debt formula has been instrumental for me; I keep at it through the bouncing waves of such lunacy. It’s going to take longer but the light at the end of the tunnel is still its own reward.
    Thanks again, Kerry
    {Good job Kerry! I was born in Burlington VT on Thanksgiving Day in 1967. A great state…obviously! 😉 Thanks! – Leo}

  • tim hicks says:

    hi leo, In my area, we have people drop gold coins into the salvation army kettle. It makes the front page of the paper. I’ve never heard of a Layaway Santa before. I think its a great idea. But I also think the layaway account holder should be notified in some way that the bill has been paid be someone else. thanks. tim

    [In my experience they do get called Tim. Thanks! -Leo]

  • Rose Brophy says:

    Just found $200.00 for my son. THANK you

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