I've been in the financial edumacating business since 1997.

That was after taking my 1990 BS in Finance from Siena College in Loudonville, NY and making my parents proud by starting a carpet cleaning business.

I'd had a taste of corporate America in my high school and college jobs and really didn't care for it.  Having to apply weeks in advance for a week off and if you didn't get that week off but your spouse and kids had it off, your life was a "mess".   As a 20 year old I decided being an entrepreneur was going to be for me!

Carpet cleaning presented itself shortly after graduation and I went with it.

I haven't cleaned any carpets since 1998 but I always remember the many people who said to me "I wished I'd done something like this at your age."

What was left unsaid was that they'd be afraid to try something entrepreneurial at their age with a mortgage, a car payment or two and college educations in the future.  I knew I was on the right track.

In late 1996 I took a class on personal finance and decided during that class that I wanted to teach a similar one.  I enjoy public speaking and I had a few funny stories about being in debt.  Well, funny in retrospect.

In January of 1997  started doing live local workshops throughout NY, MA and NJ.   My second ever class was in Pine Bush, NY and one of the evaluations said "Thank you for not being a stodgy old statistician".

I've tried to take that to heart.

In or around 2001 I started offering my information to others via this website and since 2005 alone have sold over 18,000 copies of my "How To Own Your Paycheck Again!" program to people from all over the world...including one guy in Australia who was named Leo Quinn!

And if you must know, my shoe size is 11...waist 36 and inseam 31.  My inseam used to be 32 but that seems to be too long now.  Is that bad?  Now I know why old men pull their pants up so high!   Other stuff about me can be found here.


  • Tracy Quinn says:


    Cousin Tracy

    [Aww shucks. Thanks cuz!]

  • Tonya Alvarez says:

    I’ve followed Leo Quinn for a number of years, as he has awesome business ideas and tips. I recently attended one of his Facebook groups/Masterminds for business owners. Every one of us presented our business challenges then Leo and the group provided ideas and strategies to try.

    Leo has been innovative and simple in his approach to business. Easy to teach and generous to share profitable start-ups and business pivots. He enjoys educating and researching current buying trends both in the digital and offline spaces. Have a talk with him, buy one of his products, join one of his clubs–you’ll be glad you did.

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