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Thanks to my friend Randy Cassingham of This is True for pointing me, via Twitter, to an article on SmartMoney.com called

"10 Things Prepaid Card Issuers Won't Tell You"

In poking around the site I found out that "10 Things"  is a regular column.  Not all of them pertain to personal finance but many do.

Here are some others...

"10 Things E-Books Won't Tell You"

"10 Things Electronics Retailers Won't Say"

"10 Things Customer-Service Reps Won't Tell You"

"10 Things Debit Card Issuers Won't Tell You"

"10 Things Vacation-Rental Sites Won't Say"

"10 Things Debt Collectors Won't Say"

"10 Things Student Loan Companies Won't Say"

"10 Things Social Security Won't Tell You"

"10 Things Life Insurers Won't Tell You"

"10 Things Hotels Won't Tell You"

"10 Things Health Insurers Won't Tell You"

Please let me know, via your comments below, of any "head-slappers" you learned.


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  • Carol says:

    The Prepaid Card things were not a surprise. I learned the hard way. I was give an prepaid Visa as a gift card last May. It cost an additional $3.50 for the purchase on $35 card.
    I tried to use it against a larger purchase as Walmart and it appeared not to be activited. It ended up being the clerk not using it correctly to process the charge.
    I used it for a purchase of 32.49 leaving a balance of $2.51 on the card.
    I forgot about the card until last mont. I went online to see what balance was left. I had been charged $2.50 in the seventh month, leaving $0.01 balance. Then I was charged $2.50 again, leaving a negative balance. Needless to say I’m not paying that back ;o)
    Had there been a balance on the card it would have cost $8.50 for the $32.49 I got for a gift – over 25%.

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